Welcome to Ariane Consulting

  • Practical application of experience
  • Big on sub-systems and integration with enterprise solutions
  • Substantive innovation for practical purposes

Development, maintenance and management of custom-made IT and operational systems and processes, specializing in the insurance services sector.

Website design and development.

Management consultants for operational environments.

Mission Statement

To supply customized, unique, business specific, efficient and effective administration, operational and IT solutions to businesses in their growth phase where large scale enterprise solutions may not be appropriate, affordable or available.


  • IT Applications and sub-systems
  • Operational Management and Implementation
  • Special projects and project management
  • Website design and development

What we do really well…

  • Project management for special projects, often utilizing once-off customized software to ensure delivery of outcomes
  • Designing, building, implementing and managing administrative and operational processes, procedures and practices
  • Designing, building, implementing and managing custom-made, cost-effective IT systems and sub-systems for growth stage business enterprises
  • Integration and bridging (direct or in-direct) between our application and enterprise type solutions, especially synchronization, balancing, reconciliation and resolution between finance orientated platforms
  • Designing, building and implementing cost effective prototype, rapid-deployment systems and processes for new business ventures
  • Collection, preparation, scrubbing, structuring and verification of data, data analysis and reporting services
  • Data collection and filtering for integration into strategic platforms
  • Cost effective and controlled import and export mechanisms for transfer of data between systems
  • Training programs in Office desktop products, including customized on-site sessions for senior executives
  • Production of training and process documentation videos for business enterprises

About Us

Ariane Consulting was founded in 2007 to supply information technology, operational and management skills to specialized components of the South African insurance sector in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Whilst we have not yet reached outside our primary skill sector, we intend to be globally active by forging partnerships with clients who share our ideals and aspirations, applying our skills and expertise across industry and the world.

Mike Stuart-Cox

Business Owner, Systems Analyst, Developer and Operations Specialist

Having been employed by The Hollard Insurance Company in South Africa since 1985, gaining extensive experience in most aspects of the insurance business and specializing in the local ART Insurance industry, Mike founded Ariane Consulting in 2007 to extend the skills and experience to other players and industries

Bronwyn Powell

Developer, Systems Analyst and Operations Assistant

Bronwyn joined Ariane Consulting in January 2010. Since then she has grown to be a valuable asset to the company, and is the first of many to add the much needed depth to the application development portion of the business.

Mike and Bronwyn have first hand experience in the world of entrepreneurship and business in the start up and growth phases – a critical asset which allows us to naturally and intuitively add value to our clients and partners where it is needed most. It is our intention to supply services in the niche applications development and integration market, whilst simultaneously and seamlessly adding value to the operations of our business partners.